All moorage is payable in ADVANCE and subject to applicable taxes. Prepaid rates (semi-annual or  annual) MUST be paid in full IMMEDIATELY by cash, credit card or cheque to take effect or the DAILY  rate will apply. All accounts unpaid by the 15th of the month will be placed on the daily rate. All  monthly customers are required to provide a one month deposit AND provide postdated cheques OR  Preauthorized Payment information. Deposits will be applied to any monthly account not paid by the  5th of the month and a new deposit required immediately.
1. All persons using any of the Shelter Island Marina (the “Marina”) facilities or coming onto the  Marina premises do so at their own risk, and Shelter Island Marina Inc. (“Shelter Island”) shall  not be responsible for any physical injury or property loss or damage, howsoever caused, sustained  by any such person.

2. All vessels must be maintained in good seaworthy condition as determined by Shelter Island in  its sole discretion.

3. All vessels shall be equipped with a functioning engine and be able to move under their own  power.

4. Shelter Island shall not be responsible for the security of any vessel from theft or other loss  and shall not be liable for the loss by theft or otherwise of any articles left in any automobile  or boat at the Marina or elsewhere on the Marina premises.

5. No vessel shall tie up at the Marina unless a moorage contract for the vessel has been signed by  Shelter Island or the written permission of Shelter Island is first obtained. Any vessel tied up at  the Marina without a moorage contract, or tied up past the expiry of the period set out in the  moorage contract between Shelter Island and the vessel owner, will be towed and lifted to the  boatyard at the owner’s expense.

6. All persons at the Marina shall conduct themselves in a manner that does not jeopardize the  safety or disturb the enjoyment of other persons at the Marina.

7. All vessels approaching, using or leaving Shelter Island’s floats or moorings shall do so in a  cautious and seaman-like manner, so as not to roll up swell or do damage to the Marina or to other  vessels. The speed of any vessel at the Marina is not to exceed 5 miles per hour.

8. The owner of a vessel is responsible for the safe mooring of the vessel and shall furnish and  maintain all necessary safety lines and chafing gear for the vessel. The chafing gear shall be  attached to the vessel only and not to the Marina floats. The owner shall not foul any berth or  access thereto other than with its own mooring lines or chafing gear.

9. Shelter Island reserves the right to rearrange the position or change the location of any vessel  at the Marina, without notice and at the sole risk of the owner of that vessel.

10. No vessel moored at Shelter Island’s floats or anchored in the Marina basin shall at any time  be used as living quarters.
11. No reflective-type electric heater or flame-type heater or oil burner shall be operated on any  vessel at the Marina unless the owner of that vessel or someone designated by the owner is present  on board during the operation of the unit and the unit is properly approved by the CSA or a  comparable agency and is properly supervised at all time when in operation.

12. The storage of inflammable liquids, oily rags, etc. is prohibited on Marina floats or premises.  Owners may carry out only minor repairs at the floats. No litter shall be thrown overboard or left  at the Marina. All refuse shall be placed in the containers provided for that purpose.

13. No toilets, sinks, bilges, or petroleum products shall be pumped while vessels are in the  Marina basin. The use of vacuum-type siphons for pumping out boats in the Marina basin is  prohibited.

14. Vessel owners requiring electrical service must apply to a duly authorized agent of Shelter  Island. Upon approval by Shelter Island, the owner must use a CSA or UL approved power cord  suitable for the power demand required. The owner shall not alter the cord in any manner and must  maintain it in a good and safe condition.

15. Water may be supplied free of charge provided it is not used wastefully. Shelter Island  reserves the right, at its discretion, to discontinue supply or to charge an owner if the owner  uses water in a wasteful fashion.

16. Every vessel at the Marina shall be clearly marked with the registration number as required by  law.

17. Every dinghy at the Marina shall be clearly marked with the registration number or name of its  vessel or the name of its owner. No dinghy shall be left on Shelter Island’s floats or wings. Boats  over 8’ in length cannot be considered as dinghies.

18. No automobile shall be left at wharf approaches, driveways or loading zones and any such  automobile may be towed away at its owner’s expense.

19. Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted on Shelter Island’s floats unless  accompanied by an adult, and such children shall wear life jackets while on Shelter Island’s  floats.

20. No pet is allowed on the Marina premises unless it is on a leash. No pets are permitted on  boats in moorage.

21. Owners who have a vessel listed for sale and moored at the Marina must accompany all vessel  brokers, salesmen and prospective purchasers to and from the vessel.
22. The owner of a vessel is solely responsible for regularly checking the vessel, especially  during and after heavy winds, snow or rain. Removal of snow or ice from the vessel and the pumping  out of the vessel is the responsibility of the owner.

23. Moorage rates are calculated based on the greater of the slip OR vessel length overall  including bow sprit, bow pulpit and/or bracket, swim platform, dinghy and other accessories  attached to the vessel.

24. All vessels must have approved holdings tanks.

25. Hydro is metered at the rate of $0.10 per kilowatt. Also there is a minimum charge of
$4.90 (plus tax) per month. Hydro meter use is the boat owner’s sole responsibility.

26. There is a one time hook-up fee of $200.00 for new customers, to access water, power, phone,  and cable. No exceptions.

27. Tarps must be pre-approved by the Management. No exceptions.

28. Construction is not permitted on vessel while in moorage. Light interior maintenance is allowed  at the discretion of Management.

29. Dock box or any other method of storage must be pre-approved by the Management.

30. Under no circumstances are containers for fuel of any kind or batteries to be stored on the  docks. Please see Marina Office for availability and costs of storage areas.

31. If departing the Marina for more than one week a sail plan must be completed at the Marina  Office. The power meter will be removed upon request.

32. No direct subletting of space is permitted in the marina; it must go through the Marina Office.  Please enquire at the Marina Office regarding Subletting Procedures.

33. Customers leaving their cars on Marina property unused for over one month must park in our  north parking lot. A long term parking application must be completed in the Marina Office to avoid  being towed to Rusty’s Towing Lot (604 273-1645). A charge will be applied to the owners account  for this service.

34. Contractor Rules & Regulations apply to all Contractors.

35. Boat Yard Rules and Regulations apply in addition to these Marina Rules and Regulations.

Please feel free to contact any of the Marina staff for further clarification of any of the rules stated above or any other concerns you may have while moored at the Marina.